Playmate F1 Hybrid Diploid Watermelon Seeds

This diploid watermelon features high brix, great uniformity, and is a good choice as a pollinator.
Playmate F1 Hybrid Diploid Watermelon Seeds
This blocky, oval shaped watermelon weighs 18-25 lbs. and exhibits a mottled rind and bright red flesh with black seeds.
85-88 days.
Tolerant to Anthracnose and Fusarium Wilt.
Playmate F1 is a hybrid, diploid watermelon with early maturity that is great for desert areas. Playmate F1 watermelon is a very productive variety with high brix and great uniformity. With a blocky, oval shape and Crimson Sweet rind pattern, this watermelon is an excellent pollinator for tiger stripe and Allsweet type triploids.

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