Tasty Bites F1 Hybrid Tania Type Mini Melon Seeds

This highly productive personal size melon features high brix and tropical flavor.
Tasty Bites F1 Hybrid Tania Type Mini Melon Seeds
(1 lb.) Round, very small fruit with tight cavity, high brix and bright tropical flavor. Tasty Bites also features a pale yellow shell surrounding a primarily orange flesh with green outer ring.
75 days.
Powdery Mildew Race 1, Fusarium Wilt Race 1 & 2, Alternaria.
Tasty Bites F1 is a hybrid, mini mixed melon developed through a Charentais Ananas cross. Characterized by its sweet (brix 15) and strikingly unusual flavor, this melon can only be rated as gourmet. Tasty Bites F1 adds an attractive and unique touch to the table. This melon is highly productive, easily grown and harvested. Fruit size is about 1 lb., making it ideal for a serving for two.

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