Vida F1 Hybrid Tuscan Type Cantaloupe Seeds

This long shelf life melon features high brix, a compact cavity, high yields and excellent flavor.
Vida F1 Hybrid Tuscan Type Cantaloupe Seeds
(3-3.5 lbs.) Vida F1 features a slightly oval shape with coarse/ropey netting and naked sutures. Vida also features bright orange, firm flesh with high brix and compact cavity. Non-slip.
85-90 days.
Intermediate Podi Virus resistance. Fusarium Wilt races 0, 1 and 2 and Powdery Mildew.
Vida F1 is a Tuscan melon that is an excellent shipper. This sugar melon features a very high brix and deep sutures. Vida F1 has a vigorous vine and terrific canopy for fruit sunburn protection.

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